Slimfit Wellness & Infrared Sauna Cocoon Therapy

SkinMatrx is proud to introduce the first Slimfit Wellness & Infrared Sauna Cocoon Therapy in Burbank!

Come relax, destress, and even burn a few calories at the same time.
The Cocoon offers a comprehensive whole body experience with thermal dynamic dry heat therapy, the healing power of infrared light, duel wave full body massage, aroma therapy, detoxification and calorie burning effects to slim down, ALL to create a relaxing, healing environment that provides stress relief, relaxation, and an overall sense of wellbeing.

The whole body experience includes:
• Five (5) Self Automated Programs
• Dry Heat System
• Infrared Therapy
• Enriched Air System
• Duel Wave, Full Body Vibe Massage
• Aromatherapy
• Cool Face Air System
• Ergonomic Contour Bed w/Soft Cushion pillow
• Tourmaline, Jade and Germanium Stones
• Easy to use controls which allow you to personalize all aspects of the experience.