Mid Facelift

Mid Facelift

(Cheek Lift)
Not to be confused with a Face Lift. The midface is an essential component of an attractive face. With the aging process, the fatty tissue that normally drapes over the cheekbones can begin to sag with gravity. The result is less prominent cheekbones, and a droopy fold of skin and fat between the nose and the cheek (the nasolabial fold). The sagging cheek fat can also alter the appearance of the lower cheek. For example, bagginess of the lower eyelids often becomes more apparent after the fat of the upper cheek begins to sag. This in essence ‘unveils’ the bagginess of the lower lids, which have always been there. In addition to sagging of the skin and fat of the midface, there is also volume loss from the cheek with aging, due to loss of cheek fat and muscle.

Using minimally invasive cheek and midface lift techniques with limited incisions, the droopy cheek tissue can be lifted up over the cheekbone restoring the more prominent youthful contour, improving the tear trough and bagginess of the lower lids, and softening the undesirable cheek fold.

A number of cheek lift or midface lift procedures may be performed either alone or in combination with other procedures. The goal is to re-position the sagging fat of the cheek over the cheekbone to restore the youthful fullness of the cheeks. Dr. Orloff will discuss all available options to achieve your desired goals.

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