Message from Amarette, our certified massage therapist.

Message from Amarette, our certified massage therapist.

Massage is more than a skin deep relaxing treatment! Massage therapy is a powerful part of your healthcare and wellness regiment and triggers a specific cascade of physiologic and chemical changes. Some of the many benefits include alleviating your back pain and improving range of motion, reducing cramping and muscle soreness, exercising and stretching weak, tight, or atrophied muscles for the rest of us. You may not be aware that massage can help reduce post surgery swelling and adhesions, it can enhance your immunity by stimulating lymph flow throughout your body and it can lessen depression and anxiety.

Adding essential oils can make the massage even more therapeutic and beneficial. Aromatherapy, or inhalation of essential oils, can eliminate headaches, induce rest and sleep, reduce pain, increase blood flow, and reduce anxiety. Certain oils work in different ways to promote overall well-being. If you are unsure of what scent or oil you need, listen to your body.

Some of my favorites have the following benefits:
●      Peppermint is great at soothing sore muscles and boosting energy
●      Ylang-Ylang is a great stress reliever
●      Neroli promotes overall relaxations and warms the tissues within the body
●      Eucalyptus contains anti-inflammatory properties for tired muscles and is a great decongestant
●      Lavender is an amazing relaxing pain reliever

Our aromatherapy line, 21Drops, contains carefully designed blends to address just about any concern you may have. Book your aromatherapy massage session and experience the benefits of these essential oils!