Lip Enhancement

While the lips are smooth and full when we are young, they tend to develop wrinkles and thin out over time. Lip augmentation eliminates wrinkles and adds fullness to the lips, so patients look noticeably younger. Many people are born with naturally thin lips that can make them feel self-conscious. After lip augmentation, patients can enjoy full, plump lips, and they often develop a renewed sense of confidence.

Dr. Orloff utilizes many different techniques for lip enhancement, including fillers, implants and surgery. Each technique provides fuller lips, however the course of treatment should be determined between the patient and Dr. Orloff depending on the patient’s current condition and their goals and desired outcome. Recovery time after a lip enhancement procedure is typically short, making lip enhancement one of the easiest ways to make the face more visually appealing.

A variety of fillers are used in Dr. Orloff’s office and provide very satisfying results to his patients, albeit temporary. These include collagen, Restylane™, Radiance™, and even the patient’s own fat. The duration of the filler varies depending on which treatment option is utilized.

Another option for enhancing the lips that provide a longer lasting or more permanent result is the use of implants. Dr. Orloff may use temporary or permanent implants, depending on the patient’s current condition and desired goals.

A third option utilized by Dr. Orloff is surgery to permanently enhance the size and shape of the patient’s lips.

At your initial comprehensive consultation, Dr. Orloff will discuss all options available to enhance lips and minimize lines and creases, and will make a recommendation for treatment based on your desired goals.

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