Body Treatments

Back Facial:

Treat your back to a cleansing, soothing massage, exfoliation, steam and mask. This treatment addresses acne concerns and removes impurities from the back and upper shoulder area to make your back perfect for summer or any time of the year. Great for those who suffer from acne!

Swimsuit Ready:

This slimming treatment includes and application of 7% pumpkin enzyme exfoliant to remove dead skin and leave the skin feeling soft and hydrated. Next, a cellulite smoothing and skin firming heat activated treatment called Cell-U-Firm is applied to prepare you for the last portion of your treatment, The Slimfit Wellness Pod. During the Slimfit Wellness Pod you will lose water weight, detox, burn calories all while your legs and back are being massaged.

Slimfit Wellness Therapy:

Come relax, de-stress, and even burn a few calories at the same time.The Slimfit Wellness Pod offers a comprehensive whole body experience with thermal dynamic dry heat therapy, the healing power of infrared light, duel wave full body massage, aroma therapy, detoxification and calorie burning effects to slim down, ALL to create a relaxing, healing environment that provides stress relief, relaxation, and an overall sense of well being.