What makes a good candidate for lip augmentation?

Ideal candidates for lip augmentation are in good overall health and are bothered by thin lips or signs of aging in their lips and the surrounding areas.

How long does a lip augmentation take to perform?

While treatment with fillers usually takes just a few minutes to perform, fat transfer, lip lift, or lip implant surgery can take upwards of an hour to complete.

How long do the results last?

A lip augmentation involving a fat transfer is long lasting, although secondary treatments may be needed because some of the fat will be absorbed by the body. Enhancement with hyaluronic acid is temporary, typically lasting 3-4 months. Lip implants provide permanent lip augmentation with more refined results than dermal lip fillers, making them a good option for individuals with thin lips.

What are the risks of Lip Enhancement?

Compared with other cosmetic procedures, the risk of complications from lip enhancement is relatively low. However, it is a good idea to be aware of possible complications before undergoing any type of surgery. Dr. Orloff will discuss all possible risks associated with each lip enhancement procedure with every patient so an informed decision can be made.

What is the downtime associated with Lip Enhancement procedures?

The length of lip augmentation recovery varies depending on the specific type of lip enhancement procedure performed. However, most patients can return to their daily routine within a day, unless a general sedative was used to complete the procedure. After any type of lip enhancement procedure swelling and bruising can be expected. These effects may last a week or so if fillers are utilized for the augmentation, and up to three weeks if lip implant placement is performed. Discomfort during the lip enhancement recovery process is minimal and rarely requires management with prescription pain medication.